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    DSV 4: Unholy Dreams Public Test 2


    Kaiser released the second public test of his project: DSV 4: Unholy Dreams. Here is what he says about this release in a message he posted to our general forum:

    DSV 4: Unholy Dreams public test 2 is released and unlike the first public release, its not hosted on Newdoom.com, no registering just to download stuff. Although I never tested the link so let me know if there is any errors, if you do d/l, you might get a screen where it says a login and a password. the login should already have "dsv" in it so don't type nothing just hit ok. Its not perfect but its better than having to download at newdoom.
    And the link is here.

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    This is pretty good.. Nice textures.. and the detail is sufficent.. Pretty hard for my lowly skill too ;)

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    their registration just to dl stuff sucks. no, not because i care about registering. i got a password, think everything should be fine. i click on a file i want to download. tells me to login first. i log in, i'm sent to that "advanced features" page. (whatever those features may be, i don't need them, i just want my file).
    i search for my file, click on it again... guess what happens next, i'm prompted to login first. eh?
    i'm fed up with such "advanced features", thanks to everyone who's kind enough to upload his maps elsewhere.

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    Im not going to criticize this wad. I have played it once but Ive been spoiling myself with some of the really classy wads lately (Phobia, Gothicdm, fetaldm7, Darkening2 and of course my own beautiful wads) and I would find myself comparing it unfavourably with them, which wouldnt be fair to Kaiser.
    I do like some of the new textures, reminded me of the Darkening2 and some of the weapons are smucking fart, especially the Plasma rifle and the chain gun.
    I thought the level by midnightstorm (map21)was the best looking in the wad but couldnt figure out how to finish it.
    I did notice that the design of the levels improves gradually through the whole wad which makes me assume the final release will be a bit better than the demo.
    Its nice to see another project for Legacy.

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    heh, since its a 32 level wad, I ease the detailing on the maps, and I make the maps like that on purpose, to please the classic players.

    But wait untill I finish this project, then you will see my single maps that will take full advantage of my mapping experience.

    but who knows, I might touch up some of the levels but I am really trying to get them to resemble the oldskool Doom maps.

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    well the weapons weren't that bad for me, i just don't see the point in replacing the shotguns with their poorly animated quake counterparts (yes i remember how i played quake the first time and wanted my ssg back instead of that "boomstick"), and the fists are rather LOL.
    sounds are from playstation doom i think.
    adding detail to simple square rooms would greatly improve the overall appearance.

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