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    DTNC Review


    Rick Clark\'s Doom RPG The Next Chapter has been reviewed at the newsgroup rec.games.frp.advocacy. Rick said he isn\'t too happy about some of the poster\'s conclusions but nevertheless some of you might be interested.

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    Your efforts are appreciated here at any rate. As for the roleplaying community :P.
    They bitch and whine like you would not believe. (Well I guess you would :) Rpg systems are meant to be adjusted by individual playing groups to suit their needs. Don't want psi powers in the game? : poof. They are gone. Want to take guns into hell? Who is going to stop you? Want to create new classes and skills? Yep you guessed it. The fact remains, if someone wants to set up a roleplaying campaign in the Doom universe DTNC is a good place to start at least. What's more, like you said, it's FREE.

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    I appreciate your efforts to the commnity Rick, and DTNC is no exception

    while I don't agree with some things in there, like stphrz said, you can change that at will, so whats the big deal?

    Keep up the excellent work!

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    Do you play this in doom or what? it would be cool if it was kind of everquestish based on the doom engine it a doom setting w/ the story line of the text. just an idea. :)

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