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    Dumb Dumber Kurt


    Kurt Kesler updated his Place of Doom with the unfortunate news that he has lost his latest 'KZDoom' level and his custom texture collection. However, he has started anew and thinks that things will be better for it in the long run. You can judge that for yourself, too, since a new screenshot has been posted.

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    Kurt forgot to send me a copy of kzdoom6! Let this be a lesson that if you want the only reliable method of data backup you must send all your work to me, Swedish Fish's data backup services. Especially if you are the Millennium or Skulltag team. This message paid for by the Flowbee(c) 2000.

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    stphrz: trees rock.

    * unfy gives Kurt some more miracle grow

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    Guest Mattrim.


    I make a great backup service, too. References available upon request.

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    I liked the look of the trees / forest effect in KZdoom5 but they became very frustrating IMO at the end because they were unfair. Why unfair? The enemies in the trees were all former humans that have weapons that can fire through the trees as if they are not there. The enemies also "know" where you are because they are computer generated entities and do not have their vision restricted by the trees. The player can also shoot through the trees but cannot see the enemies, who may be firing from anywhere. I know that is part of the intended effect, but I found it frustrating. Suggestions: (take them or leave them) more imps or similar, and less humans, in the trees would be better as the trees would stop the imp fireballs unless the monster had a clear shot; or less trees on easier levels.

    Despite the above, I loved KZdoom5 (and the entire KZdoom series) and really look forward to KZdoom6.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    Wow offensive Headline on Doomworld, that´s gotta be a first. ;)
    But I woudn´t wanna get Kurt mad... ;)
    Me make funny...

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