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    10 Sectors news... still haven't gotten anything new from Mordeth or Martin Friberg, but Malcolm Sailor did email me to say that I should probably forget about him as a judge since he's been pretty busy with non-computer stuff lately. Once the now four judges are all done I'll put together a WAD of "best" levels as picked by the 4 judges and then get some, um, outside opinions to help decide who will be number one. Oh yeah, and when I said that the visit id Software auction would probably hit $1000, I guess I was being a little conservative.

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    Hmmm actually I think Qcommand got I am retarded:)

    Ummmmmm.........Man wouldn't it suck if that guy paid $1,700 to go to iD Software and not even get a GLIMPSE of Doom3? I'd make them give my money back or shoot them or something

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    Guest rellik_jmd


    Any ideas on what I should ask / get autographed by the id boys/girls? Wanna make sure my 2500 canadian gets well spent...

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    Well, it's less than american, but holy crap!!!

    You better rack up a huge room service bill in that hotel!

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    first post! Yes I got first post! Holy crap I am so cool!

    so, wouldn't you wish you had the opportunity totake a trip to id?

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