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    Storytime. A very long time ago, way way way back in the days before Doom, there were a bunch of people chatting away on a BBS (well, writing posts and waiting for anwers) and anticipating that new revolutionary game called DOOM. When its release was taking longer than expected that bunch of people started to monkey around and came up with their own \'Doom\' version... a \'game\' where the hero had to stop not evil demons but pumpkins who had stolen all of Earth\'s candles. It was called \"Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris\" - or SPISPOPD for short. When Doom\'s release date was taking even longer they then wrote a FAQ for this non-existant game. When things were taking really much longer someone broke down and wrote an actual SPISPOPD game. Id Software, amused by all this, used the title of this pumpkin game for one of their cheat codes... that\'s right, the no-clipping code SPISPOPD.

    Well, it\'s Halloween in America today so what better way to celebrate than to grab SPISPOPD from the Hamumu site and blast away those evil pumpkins! Also, check out their other games as well such as the sequal to SPISPOPD and \"Dr. Lunatic\". Today they have also put up a \"Dr. Lunatic Halloween Horror Pack\"... all in the Halloween spirit. Have fun today, people!

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    Scratch that last post. SPISPOPD is there, but make sure you get "spispopd" and not "amazin' spispopd".

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    I guess there still exists cultures out there where BS means nothing.

    X-doom, have you ever been in school?
    When it comes to essays, BS is a student's best weapon.

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