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    EDGE Releases


    Looks like EDGE v1.28a has been released, a followup to 1.28 while development continues on 1.29. Changed in this version:

    • Fix for crouching.
    • Fix for finding patches in patch dir.
    • Fix for brain shooter with no spawn spots.
    • Fix for close combat attacks not being consistent with Doom.
    • Support for non-power-of-two textures.
    • Generic STEALTH monsters added to default DDFs (Things 4050->4061).
    • Windows only: Changes to make engine run under Windows 95.
    • Windows only: Minimum DirectX required is now version 3.
    • Windows only: improved handling of ALT+TAB.

    Also, Andrew Apted has let us know that he's released DEH_EDGE v1.1, a convertor for Dehacked to DDF. Version 1.1 adds support for BEX, and you can get it here.

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    Splended! EDGE is now a decent sorce port! instead of just a glitchy-as-hell-but-I'll-stick-with-it-for-the-features one.

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    This version doesn't seem to like my video setup (which ran 1.27 perfectly).
    The screen flickers up and down, and changing/testing the resolution hard locks my PC.

    I'll try the other 1.28 when I get home, otherwise I'll wait till the end of the week and see how it runs on a name-brand card.

    At least now I have something to do. Most of my wads have hacked-up workarounds for v1.27, most of which will (hopefully) be broken in this version.

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    Hey guys, we can duck now!

    /me deletes all other source ports for they are now useless.

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    Am i being blind as a bat, or has "Fixing the crouch bug" actually DELETED the crouch feature?, well it doesnt appear to be in the options, unless it is and ive missed it, heh

    Ah well, crouching will kind of be essential to gaydoom, not that ive even started that wad yet, edge will be on version 1.40 or something by the time i do

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    Its cunning disguised as the "Move Down" under "Keyboard Controls". It also needs to be enabled in the "Gameplay Settings" menu.

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    DarkknightXC said:

    What was the masterplan behind this very tidy level? Apart from getting a little lost :).

    Are they new screenies?

    The Castle level was #1 to show off GLEDGE, loads of 3D floors, and use only dynamic lighting. I think every sector in the level is set to 60 or something very dark.

    The theme was supposed to be something kind of like Myst, most of a puzzle solving level. No monsters, no weapons, just mystery, puzzles, and lots of large areas to wander around in. I just ran out of time and steam on the project.

    The QDOOM page of mine has the same old screenshots, but they may be different from the ones that were on the old EDGE website and my old dusty DOOM World site.

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    Fanatic: would be great if you finished the castle level. I'm a great fan of myst games. :)

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