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    EDGE Tech Demo Shots


    Fanatic has uploaded 2 more screenshots of his Castle tech demo for EDGE to the EDGE site, bringing the total number of the latest round of tech demo shots up to four. These two latest ones show off some nice examples of the dynamic lighting effects and 3D areas realized with the EDGE source port.

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    Guest Fanatic


    I couldn't sleep last night, so I fixed up the 5th and 6th screenshot areas to only use dynamic lights in the water to give a watery blue shimmer and the fire areas, took some shots, and put them up too.

    I'm running on about 1.5 hours of sleep. This sucks. Damn Starbucks and their super duper caffiene packed delicious coffie drinks!!! Damn them to hell!!

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    Good shots, I like the tech demo entrance shot. Nice small details like the rocks at the entrance.

    I really wish the edge team would make an official beta release of 1.25 or something. Because it's holding up Qdoom's release. :~(

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    Guest Fanatic


    We are working as hard as we can, only me and one developer active at the moment.

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