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    EDGE v1.23 Alpha Released


    A new alpha version of the source port EDGE has been released. Quoting their update:

    This is mainly a bug-fix release, fixing some small bugs with foreign language support, sounds and RTS lump handling. A couple of new features did make their way in however, namely a `Toggle Autorun' bindable key, and scrolling flats. Other than that, nothing has changed since the EDGE 1.22 Alpha release (See the corresponding news item below for more information).

    This time we also have Linux executables, with support for sound, music and 16 bit graphics they are quite on par with their DOS and Win9x cousins. The main graphic library we use is LibGGI, which must be installed (including the LibWMH extension) for the GGI binaries to work. We also plan to support native X Windows executables in the near future.

    As usual, you can get the DOS, Win32, OpenGL Win32, the various Linux binaries and of course the source mirrored at our source port section.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    I don´t really like EDGE...don´t know why, but it just seems sorta buggy, (I know everyone is now going: "It´s a Beta you Wanker!") but it doesn´t really wow me like ZDoom did. But that´s just me...

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I think it was the same with DOSDoom, they have more options than ZDoom ever had which might be giving EDGE that buggy feeling.

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    Guest Fanatic


    Most of the new features are not exploited by DOOM or DOOM2, so it appears to be just like Legacy or ZDOOM.

    And it's an ALPHA, not BETA. Big difference.

    You'll have to wait for Covert Ops or QDOOM to see the full potential of this engine. It will be every PC and TC designers engine. It's so much more powerful than any other engine out there now (that's based off the DOOM source). I wish Quake/Quake2/Quake3 were this easy to modify and script complex sequences.

    I know seeing is believing, but you'll have to take my word on this until you can see QDOOM. :) Should be soon...

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