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    Elementary My Dear Watson


    Steven Quiambao sent the news that he has opened up a ZDoom Deathmatch Demo website entitled Dead Simple where people can submit their deathmatch demos to him and he'll post them. Even though he's quite partial to ZDoom, he'll also accept Legacy and Doom2 1.9 demos.

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    Guest cocoon


    I like demo-sites. So it is basically a good ide. If you wat to develope it a bit further, add some kind of statistics about games. Host matches between the players and a rankinglist. A list of deathmatch.lmps isn't that exiting unfortunately.

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    Guest Opulent


    Good demos -- the usual humorous Doom dm stuff with some Zdoom twists. -- There are hundreds of Doom sites, 1000's of players, 1000's of dm-only wads - with more being made daily. BUT relatively very few dm demos available on the net. If you watch the Dementia level 5 segments, you can see Traci Lords sneak around quake-style. =) Personally, I want to see more of that. Instead of 400frags/hour insanely-paced Doom 8-player deathmatch. -- hope the site continues to grow, and thanks for sharing.

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    Guest traci_lords


    Thanks for the input :). cocoon- Good idea about statistics... Check back after this weekend. opulent- One of the reasons why we play ZDoom so much is because it is possible for Quake-Style of play. Most of us were big-time Quake players (were, because we don'l like Q3A much) and going back to DooM was really tough. Playing ZDoom feels so much like playing Quake, with the console, the Quake-like menus, and Quake-like mouselooking. Rocket Jumping is another thing I like about ZDoom. The thing about Dementia.wad map1 (Succubus), is that you can have a fast-paced intense deathmatch with 4+ players or you can play 1on1 and have the Quake-style strategy of 1on1 (Like Q1 DM6 or Q2 "The Edge"). I tried to design the map for that kind of compatability depending on the amount of players.

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