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    Enter Into the 31st Century


    That's right, we decided to skip this whole 20s BS and go right to the 30s. From what I heard the 20s where really boring anyway. Everyone was happy and stuff... blah, bleak and depressing, that is what we want. News on the ZDoom 3000 front, well, waiting... isn't everyone? For the new version of ZDoom that is. How has Randy been fairing btw? But onto the update, work has been mostly on two levels, 4 and 5. 4 is done with 5 being worked on as we speak. There is also some talk of modifying things that have already been implimented, scripts and stuff. But well, since I've been out of the loop, it would take me another half hour to scour the site and get the whole story. So you get what I tell you ok? =P There is also talk of a DM project, Perforated Entrails. Not one I know anything about... yet.

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    Obviously, he's been gone so long that he doesn't seem to realize that Telefragged wiped out all comment thread profiles a while back, forcing everyone to re-register.

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