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    Even More Doom3 Info


    Following yesterday's Doom 3 preview, a bunch of game sites have followed, so be sure to check out articles on Gamespot, Eurogamer, ign.com and Gamespy. Also new on the music front (since we haven't heard much since those NIN rumors which are still unconfirmed) is news from an unnamed source stating that the band Tool may possibly be doing a track for Doom 3. Other than that there's not really much new info, and all the sites have the same shots of the trites and Revenant, though Gamespy does have some 4000x3000 tga versions of them available for download if you want to stomach the 19meg download for images bigger than your monitor.

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    as far as i know, tool broke up about four months ago, so if i'm right then this new is bullshit.

    EDIT: Never mind, I checked it out for myself. My friend was full of shit. She even said that she got that info on the official site, and I was just there a min ago. Sorry, I'm a dumbass.

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    The day Tool breaks up is the day I stop listening to Tool altogether. I pray that day never comes, cause Tool is kickass.

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    Those tga files slowed down my computer when i tried moving QuickTime around to see all of them...oh well, just have to use my computer which goes 1600x1200 and view them that way.

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    Rumors that NIN might be working on the Doom3 soundtrack?

    Rumors that Tool might be working on the Doom3 soundtrack?

    Maybe Tapeworm might be working on the Doom3 soundtrack? ^_^

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    pregnant with worms said:

    i hope that tool really aren't doing a song for doom 3. that would disappoint me.

    yeah they totally wouldn't get the right sound, i'm sure. i could only forsee them acting as a selling point for the game, considering tool has a pretty rabid cult following.

    if god loved me, john bergin would be doing the entire soundtrack.

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    Scuba Steve said:

    I heard Elton John and Phil Collins are woking together on a Doom3 Soundtrack.

    hahaha :)

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    I suppose the martian base has some sort of danceclub for marines' recreation, and it contains huge collection of old earth music. And marine has an option to carry a gun or flashlight or CD-player...

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    I think tool could do a really great soundtrack for the game. Listen to merkaba or triad or another heavily instrumental/creepy vocal track done by tool. They have the musical talent to do a really creepy involving soundtrack, and if maynard just does screams and moans etc... then I think they could really make a fitting soundtrack for doom 3. Rememeber, it's not gonna be the original, it's going to be focused more on scaring the shit out of the player, and I think tool would be great for that. Course maybe I'm biased cuz tool is my favorite band, but still i think i have a point.

    I think ghost riders in the sky by johnny cash would be a great doom song as well...

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