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    Evil Chemists Paid Back


    The Co-Op Certification Laboratory has announced the winner of the "Evil Chemistry" DOOM2 wad contest: it's Gregory Dick, with a map called "Payback". The official contest wad, containing the two entries, is available here.

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    That was just about the gayest level I've ever played. I mean the idea that our enemies in Afghan and the Taliban would ever be involved in experiments or anything of the sort; I mean first of all, there is no reason, there is no funds and no scientific knowledge, and even the Nazis didn't do shit like that. Talk about cheap propaganda.

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    talking of cheap propaganda; why don't we make an "auschwitz.wad"? ha ha!!! re-create the ovens and crush innocent jewish children with invisible crushers!!!!
    no? then stop making this fucking propaganda stuff and go back home.

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    Guest Excalibur_Z


    It worked for id in Wolf3D. Remember the zombie dudes with guns in their chests?

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    Actually, if you can ignore the theme, the second level isn't at all bad! Well, the author did make a map for the One Week contest (map04) which was damn' good, so if he took longer over this one (which I reckon he must have done) it really paid off!

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    sorry i just went a bit apoplectic there.
    it really drives me mad the way the western world is so double-sided! 1 american life turns out to be equal to 1,000 lives of brown or yellow people. (cf. hiroshima, vietnam, cambodia, iraq... over 20,000,000 people have been killed worldwide by the actions of reactionary right-wing us governments.)

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    Originally made for Metabolist (ran out of time)...The map "payback" was not made to offend anybody, I designed it for the sake of producing a half way decent Doom map. End of story. Yes, the evil chemistry theme wasn't anything great, and maybe the timing is bad, but I found it quite vague and I don't recall it mentioning anything that singled out a particular race of people. Most of all, like Doom, I understand that it is fictional. Yes, the U.S. has it's short comings and a double standard does exist. However, you will find dirt under many other countries fingernails as well.

    With so many video games, home made levels, and website projects(too many to count) based on wars and military operations world wide, I find it difficult to see why this was singled out. A war theme of any kind is open for very heavy criticism. The theme behind Doom itself, as you already know, has been savagely attacked by the media. The Doom community's answer..."It's just a game".
    What is right and wrong? Does it depend on what side of the fence you are on? Is it still ok to play Doom? Maybe not. Until somebody makes a comprehensive list of war themed backdrops that are deemed "politically correct" for Doom (don't hold your breath), somebody will always take offense.

    Again, offense was not the intent of this map. It's just a Doom level.

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