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    Facing Hellward

    Mancubus II

    The Facing Hell mod team has updated their site with a couple screenshots of their newly finished demon, simply called "the lord". The website describes him:

    He is really pissed off, because someone has ripped off his hips and legs, took his guts and spine out and mounted a kind of machinery at its place. The machinery in his body enables him to fly and he hurls very fast fireballs at you. They are not very accurate, but for that reason he hurls six of them at once.

    It sounds like it sort of acts like the Scrag from Quake, at least to me anyways, and just between you and me I think the name could use some work. Visit the Facing Hell website for more infos and media.

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    The map screenshots look nice, but I'm not quite sure I like this new monster. Looks a little bit.. wierd.

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    The maps look reallt good, but the monster looks like a good start.

    Looks too much like a monster from Hercules (the original movie from long ago), too stiff. The fingers don't look right to me, too thin and delicate, and the front of the spine (where his crotch used to be) could look a lot cooler. The back side of the spine looks awesome.

    The skin looks too much like copper makeup too. The back of his skull looks perfect (crackly).

    Like I said, a good start, it can only get better!

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    He looks a bit camp, somehow, like a monster from an old hammer horror film.

    He's a bit too recognisably human, kind of looks like an evil supervillan from a spiderman cartoon.

    Still, better than I could do. Although given my total absence of talent, that isn't much of a complement..

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