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    Fanatic Stuff


    Fanatic's Asylum has been updated with the news that Fanatic has been busy recently porting his old ROKS deathmatch mod to EDGE, and it should be done by this weekend. He also talks about setting up his online CD order form, and describes some of the stuff which will be in the new EDGE release.

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    I read that page twice and didn't read anywhere on it that they were adding boom support. However this comment: "although I would like to add some 3d water to it, perhaps some other 3d floor stuff, but I shall resist" caught my eye. I wish that Marc would update the wads - not that they necessarily need enhancements but a few additions would make it more nice. I'd also be more motivated to download the same thing again for a different engine (especially if it had features specific to the engine).

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    I think it's in another comment or in the forums. We added support for a buttload of BOOM line types, not perfect, but should make some people happy.

    In ROKS, I just don't know what I could add that would enhance it any. Maybe 3D water, but there are some very open and heavily detailed areas where water exists. I fear it would run poorly. But then again, some QDOOM maps push about as hard. Once I get to the map part, I'll think about what I could add that would be appropriate.

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