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    Fanatic has updated his Asylum with some thoughts about the state of the Doom community, his thoughts about the fun of game development, some stuff about QDOOM, Covert Ops, and more.

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    Guest giltygear


    I gotta agree with Fanatic on REoL. He does put up with alot of shit from people. I've only gotten back into DooM about a year ago but I keep seeing what people say about the maps he makes. In my opinion, and we all know how much mine doesn't count, some of his maps are great, some could use some work and some are total crap. It seems that everyone in this community takes just the shitty maps and comments on them only. Ive never met/talked with him so I can't, nor will I, stick up for him or speak for him in any way. I've made dozens of maps and never uploaded them out of fear of what negative comments will be made about them. I'm not the best editor in the world and I don't claim to be but I think that good enough to put out a level that at least ONE person will enjoy and get a kick out of. The same could be said for Covert Ops. I played the demo and thought that, yes, some work still needed to be done on it. But later I realized that it was very early, and not what the game would look like when its completed. I looked on the comment thread a few days after it was released and I was surprised to see how many people thought that it was crap. A small few said that it was bad and backed up what why they tought that way. The rest of the people just said that it sucked. That made me laugh. Its funny when people just say things like that (and yes, I know thats what people are gonna say about my comment). All I'm saying here, folks, is to just give people the benefit of the doubt, but in the future I know I'LL be the first one NOT to do this, because I'm the biggest jackass on the face of the earth today. Thank you.

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    Yes, indeed it does happen that people complain pointlessly and without backing their claims. In most cases, I feel, because they don't get what they expect (Covert Ops, for example, isn't a typical set of DOOM maps). I mean people will often complain more about things that do have some good points (stupidly ignoring them) just because they're used to some other stuff, and may let pass a more mediocre but more "acceptable" release. And people sometimes make holes in stuff just because they know who it comes from, and complaints are more readily dealt than praise. I've seen it everywhere; even about the subway service or whatever. This is the world we live in. I don't think it's good, but then again, I don't know if we should waste our time complaining about it unless we do so on a case by case basis. And also, if we're gonna complete any projects we're working on, we shouldn't be expecting any particular praise - do it just because you like to, and if it becomes a pressing matter, take a vacation from it or work a bit on something else. Anyway, we can only work on individuals, the doom community is an amorphous mass of people, not someone who is listening to us.

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    "A small few said that it was bad and backed up what why they tought that way. The rest of the people just said that it sucked." <P>Not true. Your comment implies that nobody liked it, and that different people expressed their opinions as such. <P>I'm one of the few people who actually did like it. I guess I can just appreciate the good stuff and try to ignore the bad. I liked the gameplay, the reloading frames, bouncing shell casings, random monster placement, scripting, night vision goggles, and some of the architecture. <BR>Contrasting this to the not-so-great graphics, the shortness, and a few engine bugs (which can't be attributed to the Covert Ops people) is it really so bad?

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    Guest Fanatic


    That was my whole point. It *was not* that bad! But the way people talked about it, you'd think it was the the biggest turd to come out of DOOM's ass.

    The Covert team was looking for input on their game to make it better, and they ended up with a beating.

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