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    Fanatic's Second MIDI Music Class


    ... and the assignment is due by the end of today. This time he's got far more plans for the release package, which should be out later on tomorrow, than time constraints had allowed him the last time, so read his Asylum page for the juicy details.

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    Guest Fanatic


    Class is over!

    Got 6 songs total. I'm working on uploading the show, shouldn't be more than an hour or two.

    This one is big tho, almost 13 megs. It will be well worth it. :)

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    Guest Fanatic


    All done! Head over to my website to get the results for class 2 and get started on class 3!

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    I was looking forward to hearing mine in the much marveled Sound Fonts. I was dissapointed to say the least. The french horn sounded like a curry leaving my system!
    I was impressed how the others mannaged to make anything out of those instruments. It was painfull for me! Next weeks maybe interesting: Power Kit with oriental sytle instruments? Hmmm.
    Oh sorry about not seeing the slow tempo instruction, but I'm a 200bpm kind o' guy, and 120 is low for me! Does any one else write techno in Midi?

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    I draged my tune in to ModPlug tracker, and with no tweaking or anything, sounded helva lot better. The marimba is still out of tune though. Thats why you should only listen to the midi file. It just always sounds better than any patches. Unless... does anyone else get out of tune marimba on there midi sound?? Or is mine the freak of all sound cards?

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