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    February 29th, 2000.. Part II


    Congrats to Mattrim for first telling the newbies why this date is so special :) The Darkening Episode II should have been released today! But alas, according to Ola we'll have to wait a whee bit longer:

    All thats left is map name graphics, insertion of the music and some minor tweaks. We have 12 Single player and 13 DM levels. In a week from today, tuesday march 7th, The Darkening eposide 2 WILL be released. I know you won't believe me, but really, we're so close I can not only taste it, but also choke on it.

    Well, next tuesday it is!

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    Guest Snodgrass


    BBBAAAADDD AAASSSS!!! Just wanted to be the first to comment.

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    Guest Levendis


    Ok, you knew you had to get flamed eventually:
    Ola and Afterglow: For delaying your project one week, I say unto thee: You are ugly, and your mother dresses you funny.

    Lookin' forward to E2!!!

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Crap!!! I wish I could see it now. Oh well, not all wishes come true all the time... :-) -Laters. Eugene E. Sloupsky

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    Man, and I had my spooge rag ready and everything. Dammit, do you know how much cleaning I did to get that thing ready for Darkening E2?????

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