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    First Blood


    Sanguineous has an update talking about a cutscene video for the project, the original artwork seen in it will be by Darrick Allen, Joe Cousineau and Andy Loly.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Is it just me or is the term "Link on Crack" a little too harmless? I mean most of these links are on crack, speed, lsd and weed all at the same time! But there are a couple of funny ones! Well what does this have to do with Sanguineous? Well er nothing but I had to write this somewhere! Well going to start working on my new TC soon. What is it about? Well let me just say the following: I watched Dawn of the Dead for the third time yesterday, I really like the end of the world feel of it and I just found a review for a game called Last Rites in my PC mag :) Well look for my page soon! Bye all! Sorry for misusing your comment system Doomworld! -Captain Napalm

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    If only the DN forums were actually working there'd be a place to post that message... Cyb, pull some strings and get it fixed... or something.

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    Guest KT Slayer


    yeah whats up with the doom sites these days... takes like 10 yrs to update, is it the server or just people being lazy? whatever happened to doomsphere.com?
    it stopped at march 29th or something..

    BTW the name is Derrick Allen not Darrick.. =)


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