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    Four Reviews And A Funeral


    Ok, so there's not a funeral. Metabolist has uploaded 3 reviews that he had been sitting on for a few months to his pages, which are of ctf_blod, phobia, and CH_retro_new. He has also spotted a Doom GBA review in The Guide, which is a subsection of the Guardian.

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    If you got a VIA chipset you can download a file that will boost your computer performance..

    Kudos to Kdoom for this info..


    96% cool.. more than vrack2.. :p That last comment about doubting to see anything like that again... makes me wanna take up Phobia Exodus again ;)

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    Whoops, I'll fix that link ASAP.
    It would have been handy if they had quoted the review, because I quoted it at them! Here it is:

    Walking around mazes shooting monsters could scarcely be regarded as a simulation
    of anything in particular, and yet when Doom first came out, parents were up in arms
    about how it was training children to kill. Luckily the predicted videogame-inspired
    carnage never materialised, and those of us that grew up on first-person shooting
    games appear to be (relatively) unaffected, so it is with some measure of relief
    that we can greet a new portable incarnation of this ageing classic. Doom on Game
    Boy Advance is an amalgamation of levels from various versions of the original that
    represents the very best of what it had to offer. Key cards, hell knights, and the
    ubiquitous shotgun all make their way back into this miniature masterpiece. It's no
    longer scary, and unless you have extremely small hands will cause severe cramps, but
    Doom is still a defining game experience and one that you can now take on holiday
    with you.

    Make of that what you will.

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