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    Tired of browsing your gig of softcore and hardcore pics? Unable to find anything exciting in there? Why not try some Hellcore screenies? They look pretty nice and are well suited for your BDSM taste (someone in this situation must be masochistic, mustn't he?). Anyway, back to the news: Hellcore gains in beauty each day even if Paul Corfiatis left the team (too many projects kill the projects, right fredrik?). Since a mapper is leaving, Robert "Fusion" Babor, the project leader, is waiting for an experienced level designer to sign up. If you have the guts and skills, take your ticket.

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    Hey, its DF again. Although I had a leap of abstance from the doom community, I hope to be back in it again soon, with a brand new level! Map29 of Hellcore is already sectorly massive, and is only a few rooms! <shudder> Fusion, what map did you need me to resend you? 16 or 18? as to the rest of you, Doom on! never let the legend die.

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    Df, you are my idol! damn straight.. you know we'll never stop playing the original doom! wraa.. anywho, i need map18 again. (the last map you sent me).. my other hd crashed on my backup computer, and it just so happens that was the comp i recieved the e-mail on.

    DOOM ON!

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    Fusion said:

    how'd you know anyway? =)

    MUAHAHAHAH ph33r my 1337 h4x0ring skillz... actually the mail you sent to Doomcenter was dated 2001 ;)

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