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    FreeDM Emerges


    Rellik has let us know that version 0.4 of FreeDM has been released. No, not FreeDoom; this is a purely DeathMatch-based IWAD replacement for Doom 2 that only works with Doom Legacy, Skull Tag, ZDoom, and ZDaemon. This first release includes fifteen maps.

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    I'm doing it because I can? Heh, well this is partly in response to the constant "PLZ SEND ME DOOM2.WAD" too. There'll also be a pwad so that all doom2 dm wads will work fine with it. Urgh, now it's time to get the 8 player FFA maps together.... though I'm really considering making them for 6 to play confortably. Seems pretty rare to get 8 people on one server.

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    Hyena said:

    I don't understand the point.

    I do. Why pay for Q3A or UT when you can get a good free DM game? Doom's DM is the most balanced, IMO.

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    I can see why they're doing it, because there's alot of freeloaders out there. But still, most the people who are going to continuously play doom, and not cheat at it, are those who have already, or are going to buy doom1/2. I don't much see the point of make a freeware doom/doomdm. I'm not insulting the work of the people who have made freedoom/freedm have done, it's amazing work that I could never do. But still, I don't think there's much of an audience for it, especially people who will play it for years to come. As I said, people who are serious about playing doom and doomdm, are people who have already bought it, or those who are going to. Maybe I'm wrong though, come on people, prove me wrong!

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    It's not like this is going to force people to choose between FreeDM and DOOM2. Soon the engines / programs will support it as an Iwad and it'll simply be another option.

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    Bloodshedder said:

    No, not FreeDoom

    Well, it is really, because its a Freedoom subproject :-P

    Its really good to see how this is progressing. One of the problems with freedoom is that we have almost all of the material for a complete IWAD and a complete playable game, but there are a few difficult things which hold it back. One of these is monsters. Its hard to find good artists who are willing to do all the sprites for a complete monster replacement. FreeDM hopefully will circumvent this problem, and giving a complete playable Free Doom game.

    Aside from this, its great to see the Freedoom material is being reused and extended for other projects and purposes :-)

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    boris said:

    Where was the point in Mock2?

    When I started Mock2, the only mockery project that existed was Mockery which never was released and I thought rather than wait, I'd just start my own. Of course, between its beginning and its end, about a hundred people thought they would jump on the bandwagon and released their own stupid joke wads that made everyone so sick of the idea so when mock2 finally was released it wasn't so original anymore and now assholes like you bring it up any time I say anything. So shut your damn mouth already.

    The didn't ask what the point to FreeDM was to be critical. I was curious. We have plenty of DM megawads out there, what makes this one interesting? It looks like it uses freedoom resources, so it suggests to me it's something you can play without doom2.wad. But if you have freedoom.wad you can play just about any DM wad out there, anyway. So I'm curious as to what makes the project different. This project does seem to have a good following, so I thought maybe I'm missing something.

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