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    Freedoom 0.9 released


    The new version of Freedoom is ready and available hot off the presses! A ton of major changes have been made since the last version, and the team is happy that they are able to release it.

    • New file names no longer conflict with Doom's. freedoom1.wad is Freedoom: Phase 1, the Ultimate Doom compatible IWAD. freedoom2.wad is Freedoom: Phase 2, the Doom 2 and Final Doom compatible IWAD.
    • FreeDM and Phase 1 have grown out of the shadows of the project and have seen rapid development to place them as equals in the Freedoom project, by efforts largely lead by Protox.
    • New text font from Mechadon to replace the old one in all the menus, in-game text, and status bar HUD.
    • New zombie, shotgun zombie, and assault tripod (Cyberdemon) sprites by raymoohawk.
    • New sounds for the dark soldier (Revenant) by Jewellds.
    • More complete support for Final Doom mods, adding many more textures missing to support mods for both tnt.wad and plutonia.wad
    This is easily one of the biggest releases and it really has shaped Freedoom to stand on its own very well. If I may say so myself, I highly recommend checking it out. Download all the good stuff from https://freedoom.github.io/download.html.

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    chungy said:New text font from Mechadon to replace the old one in all the menus, in-game text, and status bar HUD.[/B]

    this is one of the biggest things for me, the old one was really hard to read

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    chungy said:

    Why doesn't it work for you? Do you see an error message?

    Yes, i tried now to open/save the download link with internet explorer, since i tried already with chrome yesterday, but i have same error message: "The web page link doesn't work", i was thinking it was ADBlock locking me that website but nope, so i trying to save the link but i doesn't work too, with chrome link won't open and with IE it can't download it properly, giving me some error on download saving...

    I don't know if this is a error of your site or some problem with my internet provider on github here in Italy...

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    Strange. I haven't had any other reports of downloads-gone-wrong, nor can I see anything strange myself. Could you provide a screenshot of the error you get?

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    Sure, even in italian is still ok?

    However, get another way to download it from the daily building page.... i had no problem from that page...

    EDIT: Nevermind, it downloads fine also from the github site now... eh, sure all strange things happens to me...

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    Freedoom is looking great! I'm interested to see future developments of this project. It seems to definitely be going in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

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    Started E1 the other night, and it's fun! The new sprites (so far) are definite upgrades. I was surprised to see what I can only assume to be Boom stuff: conveyors, colored sectors, etc. Good stuff. How much of each phase remains to be completed?

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