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    FreeDoom For Free While You Wait For Mewse To Steal Your Car


    Yes, after Despayre went down due to arioch moving to some desolate part of Chicago where they don't have phone lines or ISPs, we were all without Freedoom, and all was bad. A dark cloud covered the Doom community. Alas! But, yee, yon cloud has lifted! And the bright sun behind it shall be known as SourceForge! Hooray! Let there be light. And no, I am not on drugs.

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    That title is beyond weird.

    Big thanks go to Sourceforge for hosting us even though we're not what they typically host.

    Patrick McGovern said:

    Traditionally we don't support content base projects.
    ie...projects that are geared towards text, pictures,
    animation oppose to projects based on traditional
    programming languges and collaborated with by many people.

    I'm going to approve this project because the main objective
    is one to create a very large, complex file, in which many
    people can work on and benefit from.

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    Mewse defiled my car :(

    (Wow. My title works out perfectly too.. though should be too lazy to register)

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    Rellik said:
    How come FreeDOOM didn't just get hosted here?

    It needed more than just web hosting (which, alone, is pretty easy to get). It needs a large (comparatively) shared storage area for all the data, and to be able to run programs on it to build the wads.

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    Freedoom has a pretty unique and useful build process, involving Make, lots of scripts and such, and if that system was refined we could include that for download, which might help please the SF admins.

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