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    GameSpot's John Carmack Interview


    A video interview took place between GameSpot and John Carmack while at QuakeCon, which understandably revolves heavily around the new Doom game. There is a 4-part streaming video, available in both Windows Media and Real Media formats, from the GameSpot Doom 3 media page.
    If the prospect of watching that streamed video is dauting, Doom Center's Bigdog has posted a rather lengthy summary of the interview as a feature. Also, we should be on the look-out for a MP3 version of id Software's press release and John Carmack's speech in the next few days.

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    Actually, I said that we would have an MP3 of the id press release at QuakeCon within the next few days, and _hopefully_ one of Carmack's QCon speech (depending on whether the guy recorded it or not... I didn't get confirmation, but I don't see why he wouldn't have), not of the G-Spot interview. :)

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    That's because he is a nerd. He's also a video game god who collects Ferrari's and is single handedly responsible for repeatedly revolutionizing the industry. His handshake is like a bloody vice too. All that typing must be keeping him buff.

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