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    GBA Doom II News Roundup


    Yee-haw. Git along, lil' doggies.

    • Gamespot has a quick look at a recent version of the game, including 11 screenshots.
    • Nintendophiles interviewed the Associate Producer of Torus Games (who is developing the game), Mick Solomons.
    • For those of you Dutch Doomers, and those otherwise who can read Dutch, there's a bit more information here at InsideGamer GBA, as well as 12 screenshots.

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    Okie, kewl, more screenshots from Green Blood Advanced...Evedently, Dang I gotta learn dutch...it looks so cool! ;)

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    /me has 3 heart attacks

    Sweet merciful god!!! This is gonna be the most complete Doom port that has ever existed. Now I know that Doom II was only ported once I think, but EVERY Doom console port had something axed. Enemies and some levels. But this looks like it's gonna have it ALL!!! The PSX version was bitchin, but at the same time, there was no Archvile, or Baphomet, and some levels were cut. Coincidently, my faves were ALL dusted from the Doom II portion.(eg the city ones, and the spirit world.) Looks like I'm gonna be treated with this one!!
    Comes out on my birthday too, as another coincidence. ;)

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    They were sposed to release Resident evil (yes resident evil) for gba, but left it to die, currently, i heard that monolith is working on Blood for GBA.

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    i have gba doom 1, the bodies dont stay and the mastermind isnt there, ill still buy doom2 but im hoping to god that they include supershotgun and the cyber deamon, its just not doom 2 without them.

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