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    GBA Doom Thoughts


    Shacknews has a post by Maarten Goldstein with impressions about the Game Boy Advance port of Doom. Overall he says that it appears to be a pretty faithful port, albeit with some limitations to be expected from the hardware.

    The graphics are somewhat pixelated, but it still looks amazing. Its also not as fast as on the PC, but still pretty good. AI seems a little slower, probably due to the fact that you can't aim at monsters as fast due to controls. Besides single player support, multiplayer deathmatch is also supported. The fact that the engine is not as fast as the PC engine does affect gameplay in multiplayer somewhat since its not as fast paced, but it's still very fun.
    Also, he mentions that the blood is green, as I postulated last week. Oh well, hidden blood code perhaps? ABACABB anybody?

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    Guest Ike654


    ABACABB? Heh, I always got that mixed up with ABCCBA, which was for Robocop vs. The Terminator. Had a fight with a friend about it, too.

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    Guest Cyberdemons4ever


    Who cares what colour the blood is or if there is any?

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    Guest Demi|inX


    How could the AI in DOOM be any slower? I am guessing the writer meant to say it attacks less often, unless he meant the monsters actually move slower which would make sense in this case. Hmm..

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