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    Generations of Doom


    I've been notified by fyre^OS on IRC that a new version of the Generations Arena modification for Quake III has been released. That version is v0.99c, and in case you forgot what Generations is:

    Generations is a game concept that has spanned games, spanned engines, spanned teams, and spanned FPS fans' collective consciousness. The initial concept was simple, yet elegant: unite the greatest first-person shooters of all time, to settle the score once and for all as to what game was best. [. . .] GenArena hopes to bring the Q3A characters back to more familiar battles. From chainguns blazing at "Return To The Edge" to chainsaws revved at "UAC Hanger Revisited," GenArena hopes to relive your favorite FPS moments... all in one place, and better than ever before.

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    Little Faith said:

    Generations Arena: The project that lived!

    Yeah! I find it quite funny id software didn't shut it down.

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    I suppose part of it has to do with the fact that they use player models that are already included in Q3A. I don't know about the weapons aspect, though. Although, personally, I don't see why they shouldn't have the right to develop this. I mean, for some other projects, it makes sense, but because basically all they're doing is adding a class system and weapons to a game, it's not like, say, that Doom: Reborn project or whatever it was called which was basically Doom with better graphics, or Aliens Quake, which I played once, and it was nice, but it was also very similar to Aliens vs. Predator.

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    NiGHTMARE said:

    If you're only talking about Q3 then yes, otherwise no :)

    pfft. It is in my opinion! ;)

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    Shaviro said:

    Yeah! I find it quite funny id software didn't shut it down.

    Apparently they've kept careful contact with id to make sure they don't put in anything that could get them into too much trouble.

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    The shotgun has like absolutely no animation, and the rocket explosion animation is slow and looks like crap. Other than that it's great.

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    This mod is definitly of high quality! You can debate about balance/gameplay, but all the weapons and effects show a lot of modelling skills.

    This new version also includes nice item models, like these. They certainly look a lot better then the ZDoom/JDoom models.

    I wish Generations Arena was more popular though. It's hard to find a populated server.

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    ya i talk w/ the wirehead studio guys daily , the animations where planed to be released in this patch but do to thinks with having to be ready for quake con , the animations for the weapons will be put in the next version, if you guys wanna check em out they have their own irc network ..

    irc.wireheadstudios.net - #wirehead
    or on irc.enterthegame.com - #wirehead

    Good group of people, and if ya got any problems w/ the mod, technical and what not, dont hesitate to stop by and ask some of the guys for some help, they like seeing new faces around.

    (if ya wanna look for me i go by the name of Slave`) on both networks.

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