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    Get A Nightmare


    Nightmare Speedmapping pack #5 has been released. You can grab it here, thanks to Hirogen2. This week\'s theme was to create a hellish base based on a given story. Three contestants have passed the test: Ebola, Isle and Magikal.

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    Hmm, from tnbe begining I thought people would look at eachothers maps and comment to eachother , but there never been such aftermaths when I've participated. Everytime the deadline is through and everyone sent their maps. everyine leaves.. that sucks.

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    Well, that first map was superb IMO. OK, it's small, but well detailed and an absolutely cracking fight from the moment the screen wipe finishes. It covered the brief perfectly and had quite a genuinely disturbing look to it (again, as per the brief).

    Dunno who did it though... :-)

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    Heh, when you look at the title of this news item with your vision blurred, it looks like it says 'Gay Ass Nightmare' ;)

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