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    Get Your Ass To Mars!


    Yes, in case you missed all the updates and banners and hype and more hype, today is the day Doom 3 becomes available in stores. Just a friendly reminder to everyone (I need to go pick mine up after work... no Doomworld is not my job) head over to your local Best Buy or Gamestop or EB or Walmart or Target or Circuit City or CompUSA or some other store that sells computer games and grab it if your computer can play it. Then be sure to yammer about it on our Doom 3 forums.

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    Get Your Ass to Mars-I've heard that in a movie with Schwarzenegger. Can't remember.
    Good news.

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    If you send a copy over then ill take my first class flight to mars....
    Kick Activision in the ass for releasing this game in EU 10 days after the US start.
    *insert load angry roar here*

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    I drove to the West Lebanon Best Buy today and picked up my copy. Enjoying every minute of it so far... and hoping Doom3 won't cut into my regular Doom playing and mapping too much ;)

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