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    Gimme Some Room


    Room over Room Doom, which has quickly become one of my most-looked-forward-to projects, has updated with a little tutorial about ROR maps editing, as well as a message board. He also has put a question on this board he'd like Doomers to answer: "Do you want a ROR wad contest?" Julian is planning to start one once the first beta will be out. As he says, "I think it could be cool to see what mappers could do with real 3D floors... It could give a good idea of rorDoom possibilities and could help finding bugs! The best maps could be packed in a Megawad downloadable from the site..."

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    Guest Anonymous User


    are there any limitations in rordoom? can you make a free floating platform that is not attached to anything?

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    The release of April will be a first step... So no 3D bridges for the moment (check the tutorial page at rorDoom website). I think the second release will be for summer, and then you'll have the floating platfrom you want ;-)

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    Does this mean we'll be able to make more accurate maps of the Quake/Quake2 levels? If so, how feasible is a Quake to RORdoom converter?

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