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    Go Retro


    After nearly a year, Chris Hansen has finally released his nine-level WAD "CH Retro," an episode replace for Doom's episode 1 that look to capture the style and feel of, well, Doom's episode 1. Anyone who played the single level of the same name released by Hansen last summer will remember his devotion to recreating that inexplicable quality that episode 1 exuded, and this full episode builds upon that tremendously.

    According to the author of the WAD, "the simple goal of 'CH Retro' (is) to give today's players an interpretation of those original maps. To pull out (John Romero's) techniques and ideas, mix them with some texture alignment and some modern editing techniques and mould it all into a new wad, a new episode 1, a tribute to Romero's old, brilliant maps! Each map (is) slightly different from the previous, thus gradually presenting the player with new forms of areas and rooms giving the episode that feel of the player moving through several different installations and stations; just like Romero's episode.

    "The maps (...) grow in size and difficulty both in terms of opposition and puzzles. In order not to lose touch with the original episode 1, I've also chosen to make the maps playable with the good old executable (newest version of course). No fancy effects, no new textures, flats, sounds, sprites, music or monsters and no use of sourceport features whatsoever."

    If this interests you, here are the links to download various packages of the WAD:

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    I started the episode, and I'm on E1M9 right now, but so far it's been quite enjoyable. Great E1 feel, with a few touches of "modern" level-making style thrown in.

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    Finally got around to playing these things. I downloaded it earlier and I played through the whole thing in one sitting. Definetely a great bundle of levels, on UV it can get pretty nasty at times, but there's always enough ammo and health to make it through. If you haven't played this episode yet you need to, it's pretty damn good. It also succeeded pretty well in it's attempt to emulate the first episode, so yup. Good job Chris, keep up the great work.

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    Thank you very much! All of you! I must say that I am overwhelmed with all the positive feedback. I am glad you all liked it. I was a bit nervous that Episode 1 levels was getting a bit too popular and that as a result of that, CH Retro Episode would have disappeared in the lot. But again, thanks a million for the cool comments!

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    great episode. I participated a little in a demopack for it and I can say for sure that these levels have great replay value. anyone got :07 on e1m1? :P

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    I played the CH Retro Episode and I can honestly say I like it!
    Quite fun, indeed!
    Good job, Chris Hansen!

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