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    Gokuma's R' Us


    Mike Gokuma has sent word that he has released a new co-op map in which the objective is to "Cooperatively kill cybers with your fists or chainsaws." The map, which has 8 player starts, comes in a ZDoom/Legacy version as well as a vanilla Doom 2 version (less detail, different demo lump). Both versions of the new map can be had from his page or from the /newstuff section on ftp.cdrom.com.

    Gokuma has also updated the Ground Zero page.

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    No it didn't work Gokuma, because you are stupid and can't think of anything at all whatsoever so all you can squeech out is "fight cyberdemons with your fists" yeah right send me that demo dumbass.

    (_I_) and your moms (_+_)

    remember not to mess with me

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    Listen up everyone, don't mess with Wavelength. He's badass!

    You ignorant bitch. There IS a single player demo in the cut down version for doom2.exe. In it, I kill a cyber by myself. The three player demo I recorded when used with the correct older version the level and Legacy does not play back right. It's all out of sync and people just run into walls and crap.

    Punching cybers to death is nothing new. Go to CompeteN or the Public Dang and you can find some level 32 Tyson demos of people doing a better job than me punching a cyber to death in fraction of the time.

    My level gives people the opportunity to team up against a cyber.

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    Guest Busted Corpse


    Its actuallt surprising good, and not at all like the excellent cyberdreams... kinda limited though.

    It's great fun with bots, seeing 7 of them crowding around one cybie, and half of them going flying with one shot is an interesting experience...

    keep up the ground zero work.
    Y'know, if you could work out how the skulltag authors used console commands in scripting, (obviously this would require a new zdoom-based exe) you could do flag captures a lot easier, and you could also have automatic skin changes and colour changes. Just a thought

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    I downloaded Cyberdreams and I'm up to level 9. It's a wicked megawad. It's definately different than what I intended with my level. I just wanted to make a good cooperative Tyson cyber map. If you could telefrag the cyber or flick switches to crush it that would defeat the purpose of my map.

    I just tried out my map with MBF and fortunately it just ignores the unknown player starts 5-8 instead of crashing with an error message. It's ridiculously easy with the helper dogs. First they just surrounded the cyber and started biting him. I came up behind to trap him in between all of us and we just mauled him to death in seconds while the few missiles he was able to shoot flew right over the dogs. Then when I tried it again, he managed to kill a couple dogs on unlevel ground but I used only the chainsaw and still managed to kill him with the help of the remaining dog.

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