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    GZ3Doom v1.8.6_g Released


    Announcing the release of version 1.8.6_g of GZ3Doom, a stereoscopic 3D mod of GZDoom, for the Oculus RiftVR head set, Nvidia 3D vision glasses, and other 3D eyewear. Recent improvements in this release include:

    • Avoid camera problem when viewing Rift mode without an actual Oculus Rift attached.
    • Merge latest changes from gzdoom upstream
    • Apply late-scheduled head tracking, to reduce latency, to make menu viewing more comfortable, and to reduce nausea in doom mods that force head position.
    • Elevate per-eye camera shift from OpenGL-only, up to renderer camera, to avoid missed textures in culling.
    • Reset pitch and roll when leaving rift mode.
    You may download this release now and learn more at the GZ3Doom page.

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    Thanks for keeping this fork alive Graf Zahl. And also for rotatingpenguin to keep the flame going.

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    I've wanted this feature for ages in doom (i have nvidia 3d vision), thanks Graf!

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    GZ3Doom isn't maintained by Graf Zahl, but by (surprise, surprise) biospud.

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    Fusion said:

    Big thanks to Biospud as well then!

    You're welcome! I recognize that Graf Zahl has done literally over a hundred times more than I have for this project. I maintain my GZ3Doom fork, which adds stereo 3D support. But none of this would be possible without Graf Zahl and the other maintainers of ZDoom/GZDoom. This is the beauty of open source software.

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