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    Hacx Add-on


    Hyena has word of a new Hacx add-on in the works from Ska Doomer. From what it sounds like, the plans are to make it a Hacx mission pack... sorta like what was done for Quake. Sounds fairly interesting.

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    Now that word is out, i might as well let everyone know what is going on. I don't ahve a homepage yet becasue if this t.c. does die,(which it's not going to) i don't want one of those lost sites about doom floating around on the internet. Basicaly i used all the frames that wheren't in hacx and put more badguys in. Its also been a real plus for deHacked, i've put in some really cool tricks that are real eye candy (all running on the doom.exe engine) I'm not promising things i can deliver, but so far heres what i am going to do: 14 levels have been plotted out and two are finished (these are not short levels, compleation time on the is about 20 minutes each.) I have three more ass-kickin enimies already coded in and many of the origional hacx monters have been re-coded with more *interisting* attacks. I'm looking to replace some of the weapons too with more interisting ones (lets be honest, hacx is doom done by doomers, no real changes in any behavior.) So if anyone wants to know more, or can help me out with 3d studio max (i hate drawing sprites, a real pain in the ass)The e-mail address is Skadoomer@yahoo.com okay' i'll shut up now The Ska Doomer

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