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    HACX News


    Nostromo has updated the HACX news page with news about The Great HACX Bandwidth Fiasco, saying that $60 of his ISP's bill has already been paid off. Nice to see that Doomers aren't all tight-fisted bastards :)

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    I'm sending out the money order as SOON AS MY LAZY PARENTS BOTHER TO... *Ahem*.. Hhaaggh, hhaaaghh.. ... Go to the post office.. Hmmm.. And shame, shame, SHAME to all of you turds who have downloaded HACX and haven't/aren't going to donated/donate anything.. :-b

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    Guest Rick Clark


    I agree, Andrew. I sent my check to Rich and he recieved it today. I didn't even d/l the file until it was on the Doomworld server either. I just wanted to help out my friend. I think its great that folks are helping. For those that aren't: that five bucks you are using to buy that Jumbo Jack Combo would help, and I'm sure you would survive. :)

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    The cash isn't for Hacx you goof. It's for the excessive bandwith bill Rich had to pay because he was nice enough to make Hacx downloadable for free.

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