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    Hacx Site Up for Grabs


    Since Rich Johnston will be unable to maintain the Official Hacx Site any longer, he is seeking someone else to maintain it. Here is the e-mail message body sent to us in full. If you think you'll be able to help out, don't hesitate to contact him.

    Here's a public news flash that ought to stir things up.

    I'm giving up HACX!

    After nearly 5 years of maintaining the Official Hacx Site, it's time for me to pass it along to someone who can actually do something with it. Since the demise of Banjo Software, I've had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet and, as a result, I've only been able to occasionally update the site or add anything new. Since my attention is focused on my sales site, Hacx just keeps getting pushed farther and farther into the background.

    I feel this has been a disservice to Hacx fans ...especially considering both versions have bugs that I've never posted patches for nor addressed. I've also seen sites with patches for various engine designs, mods, levels, etc., and I have not pursued the operators of those sites to get links to these files and add them to the official site. Nor have they contacted me ...and rightly so. I have not been in a position to do anything about it because of severe time constraints anyway.

    So, Hacx needs a new home! If you would like to become the new caretaker of the Official Hacx site, drop me a note at Nostromo@DrNostromo.com. This person should have the on-line disk space, bandwidth and time to give Hacx the attention it deserves. There are only a few pages on the Hacx site that I want to remain intact as is. Beyond that, this person is free to do whatever they want with it as long as they keep Hacx alive (except use it to generate income - Hacx shall always remain royalty free) and are willing to find someone else to give it a good home should they no longer wish to maintain the site.

    The current site can be viewed at http://www.drnostromo.com/hacx/index.html. The Hacx file download is linked to another site so you will not incur bandwidth usage for people downloading the full versions. The Hacx site currently gets an average of 200 hits a month (not bad considering the page hasn't been updated in months) and the download page is being hit an average of 250 times a month. Since its free release, the Hacx download page on my site has been hits over 14,500 times. I don't know how many times it's been downloaded from other links but a guess of another few thousand times would probably be fairly accurate.

    I'll be accepting offers until 11:59 pm (Pacific Time), February 26th at Nostromo@DrNostromo.com. I will then review all the offers submitted and announce my decision sometime around March 7th. Thanx for thinking about it and if I don't respond with a confirmation to your E-Mails immediately, don't fret. I'll get to it ...I'm just busy.

    Note: please do not send attachments - I will delete them. If you have something for me to look at (web page, screen shots, etc.) send a link. Also, don't send me links to mods, levels, etc. to try out. I don't currently have Hacx installed nor do I have time to look at them.

    Good luck and Happy Hacxing!

    Rich Johnston

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    Now THAT's a quote. :P

    I've got enough problems with my own site, and it's not very important at all! :P Sorry.

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    Whoever take over the site, please change the design to something non-butt-ugly so people can look at it for longer than 5 minutes without their eyes burning out :)

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    Its a sad day in doom land. I hope doom world will pick it up cuz the site needs some tlc. I think that the people of doom world should all help. Then the Hacx site will be its whats it ment to be.

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    BBG said:
    Maybe DW could pick it up for now then find somebody to update it?

    myk said:

    I'm not sure if myk is joking, but why not?

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