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    HACX Stuff


    The HACX News Page has been updated with some more screenshots of HACX in OpenGL Doom Legacy, and a help page for HACX beginners. Good stuff. Hyena also would like a solution on how to run HACX addons made for v1.0.

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    I'm donating 15 dollars (U.S. FUNDS, mind you), to Nostromo as soon as we go to the post office, and I expect the rest of you Canadian or American folk who've just happened to download and play HACX, will too, keeping in mind that I'm running on an allowance, and I can hardly afford this anyway, even though I'm listening to all you punks saying to yourselves "How does he manage to fit this all seamlessly into one sentence?", while I'm humbly appreciating the imagination it takes to fit this whole message into one seamless sentence. :-b

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    I dropped my $10.00 in the mail today. Nostromo should be getting in a few days. If you haven't sent yours in yet, you damn well better:p

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