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    Half Centennialibration


    Ismaele has recently broken the 50-review mark at his Outpost of Doom site (of Enterprise NX01), and just recently posted the 51st, of Beyond Death.

    To celebrate this important goal (50th review) I've made up a special section "50 Reviews", where currently you can find the best .WADs, MegaWADs and the worst .WADs reviewed, the .WADs with the best gameplay, graphics and difficulty according to my humble opinion, but also my best and worst works. You'll find also a special guest's review...

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    I think the reviews are not blunt enough... There's not a WAD under 7.5/10 overall...

    Oh, maybe there are only good wads reviewed lol.

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    Coolness I guess. Funny how this guy still hasnt come across one of my and I quote from the doomworld comments "shittiest level in history". Although Dac4 got pretty good feedback on the forums.

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    Remember to go to my forum (http://dimensionalgate.proboards21.com/index.cgi?) and take part in polls to vote the best and the worst .WADs reviewed, the best MegaWAD reviewed, the reviewed .WADs with best gameplay, best graphics and best difficulty, the best and the worst .WAD published in the "Other levels" section and my best and worst levels!

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