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    Happy Birfday Compet-N!


    And of course the news everyone has been bugging me to update with (by the way, sending news, or randomly msging me on IRC when I'm not around, and telling me to update without providing a link...sigh), but COMPET-N is eight years old, uh, on the 21st. Well, happy belated birthday anyways. Man, I still remember the days when COMPET-N was all blue and used fonts taken from Doom for the menu graphics. Of course COMPET-N has come a long way, with a great deal of amazing players sending in some amazing demos such as getting through entire maps without firing a shot, speeding through all the levels of Doom in times you never thought possible, beating maps with only their fists and more. Really brings me back. And of course, to celebrate, there's the usual slew of demos for you to check out. Congrats to those crazy COMPET-N guys on the great run, and hopefully they'll continue to crank out great demos for many more years.

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    Yeah, I thought about the missing link when it was too late (already meters away from my computer and the evil #blahnode)... google must have helped as usual, I bet.

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    Happy yay hooray birthday to COMPET-N!! /me salutes Adam Hegyi for maintaining the premiere Doom demo website

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    Thanks for the kind words guys :)

    We hit #8 on the 18th actually, but as doom2.net went down I had to delay the update.

    By the way, C-N didn't have a homepage till mid 98 and the blue background only came from Dec 98. The stuff before that -- you sure aren't missing it :)

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    AndrewB said:

    Compet-N is the most unbelievably reliable and professional Doom site on the web.

    Heretic! You're supposed to say Doomworld! ;)

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    AndrewB said:

    Bahahaha, I have only one record left.

    Looks like you're gonna keep that one for a long long time.

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