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    He'll Be Back (tm)


    Seems that Ebola has re-released Hyena (no relation to the Hyena who does /newstuff reviews...at least I don't think so) with a couple fixes and stuff. The most important of these is the removal of any copyrighted Doom sprites and the ability to play it under any source port (including doom2.exe if you do desire). However, it's described as 'buggy' and 'not top notch quality', so uh, I suppose it's your call.

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    UAC PR Dept said:

    It's "She'll be back" not "He'll be back". And it looks to be a stupid movie, too. Except for that line. :]

    What the mucous-munching hell are you talking about?

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    He was quoting the new Terminator movie: Terminator 3. In this movie, the terminator sent back to kill Conner is a girl. In the preview, after fighting her, Arnold says: "She'll be back." So, it's She'll, not He'll. You know, masculine/feminine? Any way, I was saying how it looked to be a stupid movie, although that quote was pretty clever.

    Anyone remember the game Terminator: Future Shock? They should make a movie based off that premise, not a Matrix re-hash.

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    Female terminator, eh? I'll have to see that movie for free. (Working at a theatre has its advantages)

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    This is good, you know, this is really good. It even manages to have new sounds that don't drive you nuts after five minutes!

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    Well, maybe you guys should be a little more damned tuned to the world around you before you go off staying stupid things like "he'll be back" and not even know that what you are saying. And don't be so quick to judge people. That's what they do in Russia.

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    Now it's my turn to stay stupid shit that doesn't mean anything, just like Cyb and Hyena.

    "Watch out for smurfs!"

    Today, Chief Moose was given a parade even though he didn't do squat to catch the D.C. Sniper and by all known laws of enforcement, he and his men failed.

    Watch out for smurfs!

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