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    Hell Hath Many Forms


    Welcome to the world of Hellstorm. It includes an update, an update about the project, as well as one of Colin's purty pictures. If nothing else, you HAVE to go and look at the picture. That is all. =D

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    Guest DarkFang


    Hellstorm looks pretty awesome! very orginal sprites! I like it! Can't wait to see it come out! How bout you guys? Those sketches are really great, I hope I can draw like that sometime. Oh yeah... Whoo! First post! ...now gimme some money damnit!

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    The team page only has a help wanted notice. <BR>Does this mean there's only one guy working on it?

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    Guest Daggah


    Uh, original sprites? The sprites in the screenshots are all ripped straight out of Hexen...and some of the textures are, too.

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    Guest Darkholme


    I'll fully admit that most of the monsters are based off sprites from other games. In fact, there will only be 3 or 4 completely original sprites in the finished game all the rest should be modified enough that they fit into the game.

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