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    Hellstorm Flash

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    MD has me doing the levels. He does the engine. Now if only collin would send me the resource files some REAL progress would be made.

    and please, nobody e-mail me about beta testing.

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    Guest deathwarrior


    it's been updated?!? i thought i'd never see the day.

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    (1) Nobody joins things I work on anyway... and this started well before projects I was on failed.

    (2) I've been on Hellstorm since pretty damn near its beginning.

    (3) Colin has *not* left the team; he is still on as a consultant.

    (4) Fyrestorm is an ass.

    (5) NiGHTMARE: Uh, Hellstorm was well on its way to disappearing until I said I'd take it over again. Even if it's released five years after everyone else stops playing Doom, it'll be released.

    (6) Nachos.

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    I'd very much like to know what the progress is, even if it's not near release.
    21%, 67%, 89.257835783%, whatever.

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    Personally, I'm not even sure, as I haven't heard from the co-leader recently as to whether or not he's gotten the resources.

    If he has: I'd guess around 30-35% done.

    If he hasn't, and we have to redo everything: Uh... about 5% done.

    Needless to say, I'm hoping he gets the resource WAD from Colin.

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