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    Help, I'm Bald!


    Just like Sarge Baldy! Hohoho! Also, the good Sarge has informed me that he updated his page with two new reviews of two maps that you are sure to love. Then again I may be a bit biased here, but it's your call. Read them reviews!

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    oooo temporarily suspended - passed the hourly bandwidth limit -- oooooo jerk store

    sweet christmas!

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    Sarge tells it like it is! Great, fun reviews to read.
    a little more meat on those reviews might be a good thing... this isn't /newstuff-Chronicles, let's hear a bit more about what you thought. :)
    Chord3's a bitch, huh?
    oh, and do yourself a favor and check out Cyb's other maps...

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    You need another host Baldy. The one you have now cannot handle the traffic generated by a Doomworld headline.

    Your reviews are pretty neat so it's a damn shame your page is as unaccessible as it is.

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    OK, I've finally decided to upload my site to my oregon state server, so people won't have to worry about my page not showing up due to bandwidth.. plus giving me five times the file space (i've already squandered my 20M on tripod) So you can now view my page at: http://www.onid.orst.edu/~lloydo/

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