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    Help You Sell Fish


    Chris Hansen writes in that he has updated The DooMer's RecesS with the release of Helpyourselfish, his latest creation. Also, in a previous update, he details his next level's style, and even presents a couple of early screenshots. But just go get Helpyourselfish for now.

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    No! The feedback so far have been great, awesome and spanktastic! In other words: I'm glad you liked it! Now go and play it again, damn it!

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    actually it is a fun map to replay because i got massively confused the first time and it took me an hour :P

    when i replayed it the first time it took more like 15 minutes.

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    Great map Chris!

    I took like 40 minutes to play it the first time too (played on Skill 1). I got confused in the beginning areas - after I got the red key, I was just running around trying to find how to get the blue or yellow.

    I've found just a third of the secrets though, so I'll be replaying it (possibly on a higher skill)...

    One thing that stands out IMO about this map is the way Chris "integrated" the sky and the actual buildings.

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    I haven't played this version yet (and probably won't play it all the
    way through for awhile), but I played the beta version (not a whole
    lot different, although possibly a bit harder), and it's definately
    one of the best single player maps I've played.

    It took something like 52 minutes or something for me to beat on UV,
    with 97% kills or something.

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    Excerpt from my beta-test/review:

    "Wonderfully atmospheric, beautifully executed architecture, challenging gameplay, excellent use of varied textures. An all-round must-play wad."

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    Go figure. Although I could've sworn I played a wad with a nearly identical name months ago... that didn't occur to me until just now.

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