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    Hostile Realm


    Over at Wim Vanrie's Doom Site, more speedrun contest news is rampant! It's become a real dogfight between the Root and the Mole. Both of them trying to break the twenty-minute barrier. Rumor has it that the Root has already surpassed that magical number, but then again, it may all be just a bunch of blah. You don't have to miss out on all the fun! You can enter as well! All the necessary details are provided on their "Lmp Competition" page. It could be you!

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    Don't know how that rumor metriculated. Anyway - wim, I can't find where on the stats screen it says how many monsters I've killed. Also - did you ever get my demo to work?

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    Guest The Mole


    You see, when you keep increasing the screen size beyond the status bar you'll see some colored data appear. One row has three things. The number of kills, for example: "K: 101/185" Second, the number of items, for example: "I: 3/6" And last, the number of secrets, for example: "S: 1/3.
    If you mean your demo of your map with zdoom,
    well it starts allright but after a few minutes you die( so i suppose there a sync problem). Zdoom is not recommended for demo's.

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    I've sent demos to Kracov and they work fine. Why do you suppose there is a sync problem? Do you have to have the same settings in zdoom as I do? Or does the demo tell zdoom to use my settings - for example -if you had zdoom setup so that monsters don't fall off ledges - and I had it so they do - this would be a potential problem.

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    i ran the demo of lostrefinery (the one that comes with the wad) on zdoom 1.22 and it desynched before the red door

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    Damn it! - Man - no one is having luck with my demos. Well, I'm gonna have to make a new one, then and hopefully it'll work.

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