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    Some incredibly retarded moron at Telefragged has accidently deleted all of Doomworld\'s files. This includes some of the files of our hosted sites, but also Doomworld\'s own /files and /ports directory. They\'re currently looking for a backup, but since these are the same guys who managed to mislay half-a-year\'s worth of old news updates (um, that was actually my fault - Ling), one ought to be a bit pessimistic about that recovery option.

    Worst case scenario, I\'m the sucker who has to rebuilt our archives from scratch, which is going to take me at least several days. Even worse, part of our source port section may be lost forever, as a lot of early ports cannot be found anywhere else on the Web.

    Meanwhile, almost all of our download links are broken. Please be patient... we\'ll keep you posted about progress here.

    Update: The cause of all this seems not to be an over-enthousiastic clean-up attempt after all. The drive that contained our files died. All is not lost however... they\'re apparantly looking for another backup.

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    Arrgh, this is the most unwanted.

    If the rare files cannot be recovered, please publish a search list here, there are lots of "packrats" (like me), so maybe we can restore the archives.

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    mm...I did copy all the files from the resource sections on DW (quite some people probably have?), so if needed I could send over any missing file from those I guess :|


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    I have source code for various Doom and id projects (some of which was never posted on DW..), old ports, and all the Mp2 files.

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    Guest orkface


    hu my week gets better.
    I might have an old zipped copy of cajun cloging up my hard drive. if not I have have it installed so I do have the files.

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    Thanks to those who are willing to send me any missing files... I'm probably going to take you all up on your offer :)

    First things first.... this weekend I'm going to (attempt to) rebuild our archives. I'll post a list of stuff still missing after that.

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    Hey, Ling, when you accidentally borked DW yourself, did it involve a query beginning w/ "update", or "delete from"? & maybe it was lacking a "where"? 8-P

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