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    Doomworld now makes use of 3D Downloads for all their download links, instead of old tux.telefragged.com which will be taken down in the near future. All our resource sections have been overhauled to reflect his change, but it might be possible that we've overlooked some links or have broken something else in the proces... let us know if you find such bugs, and we'll be right on top of it.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Well, I hope it does better in the future than it did today. It was coming across at all of, get this, 93 BYTES per second. On a clean 56k connect. I gave up on it rather quickly. :(

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    ... Of course, only our download script has changed. Meaning the actual files are still on the exact same server they were before, so don't blame us for your bad connect that day :)

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