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    How Long?


    Tobias Münch decided to set up a temporary DOOM section for the Phobos Wad Lab on his own website. No need to say that MGON deserves a drastic spanking for the unbelievable delay since Doom Center's hosted sites went offline: our deepest thoughts go to the unalterable Bigdog.

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    "MGON deserves a drastic spanking". hehe.
    As I say, mgonads.

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    At least MGON doesn't put fucking popups on their subhosted sites. I've removed the banner ad from my page until it stops, if I get kicked off doomworld, well, too bad, because the terms of usage said one banner ad on the top of the main page, nothing about stupid annoying popups.

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    Yeah, MGON just won't host people at all... Slow assed bastards seriously need to fix their hosting problem... I put forth a notion that everyone mail the MGON tech people at least once a day badgering them to fix a problem that is normally fixed by any competent web organisation within a few days at the max.

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