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    I Say Duke, You Say Doom


    I got sent the news that the DukeDoom TC has been updated with some new screenshots showing off the neato DDF coding action being implemented into this DOSDoom-based partial conversion.

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    ok lets get some things straight here -duke is sometimes funny - but it SUCKS (funny doesnt always mean fun) -doom rocks and always will why "wreck" doom? the scary world of doom can never meet the pornographic world of duke! when worlds collide who knows what wll happen? people (namely me) would rather see TC's based around cool games or a TC about arab terrorists or something cool and violent like that or something

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Doom is Doom. Why make a Quake Doom or Half-Life Doom? If I want Half-Life I play Half-Life. When I want Doom I play Doom damnit! And anyway Duke Nukem Sucks big time...

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