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    Icarus Ignition


    I was sent word of a new Doom webpage entitled IcarusWeb. So what, you ask? Well, this site has opened with all sorts of cool stuff including a Doom Dictionary, a monster zoo, WAD reviews, and an interview with John Romero. Neat!

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    The page has some pretty good content. The only problem is it doesn't align very well on Internet Explorer 5 at 800 x 600 resolution. I also wasn't very pleased at the rating of Aliens TC, especially when the gameplay was the only thing you thought bad a about it when I thought it as one of the best things in it. But that's all a matter of opinion:) Please try to fix the page to look a little nicer please. The only thing you probably need to do is shrink the graphics a bit.

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    I think it's interesting, but I completely disagree with a number of the wad reviews. <P>For instance, I liked Twilight Warrior, but not *that* much. My major complaint against that tc is that weapon#3 is pretty much a super-weapon. It's powerful, somewhat fast, and you can keep firing all day (since it runs on the same ammo as the handgun). <P>As for AliensTC, if you don't think it's exciting, try turning off the music. My heartbeat still accelerates while playing that game, especially when I walk into a cramped, closed off room, only to hear the hideous hissing noises behind me, turn to find four of them tearing away in my direction. <BR></two cents>

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    Guest IcarusWing


    Thanks for the comments, guys. I knew I was gong to get hammered for giving Aliens TC a bad review, but hey, I didn't like it, what can I say?

    As for the graphics, the site looks best on 1020*700 (or whatever the closest resolution is to that, I'm not sure of the actual figures...), but I'm going to upload the text only version of the site soon.

    Oh, and thanks to Linguica for saying the page is cool... the doomworld seal of approval is always good for the ego.

    <font size=2>Icarus Wing
    Speed Demons
    Icarus Web

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Frankly, I didn't like it either. Sure, for its time it was probably cutting edge, but I'm a bit jaded. A pitch-black level is NOT my idea of fun, nor my idea of fear. I also don't like reject problems that allowed me to punch one boss monster to death. (I fool with the engine in a lot of levels - if it's meant to be done one way, I'll find another just because I seem to think differently from most other Doomers.)

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